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A Pretty Nice Thing to Do

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A team of eight from Liberty Bank’s Marketing department made a house a home for a once-homeless family of three.

While the single mom and her two daughters, ages 3 and 5, spent the day away, the team cleaned, furnished and decorated their new apartment. Team members donated the decorations and accessories, and some of the furniture (and the rest came from the Journey Home storage unit). The team even stocked the fridge.

“We did a full makeover of the house – kitchen, bathroom, living room, play room, girls’ room, mom’s room and pantry,” says Amy Helbling-Crafa, Liberty Bank Marketing.

The trip from homeless to housed was facilitated by Hartford’s Journey Home, which currently serves 2,000 people annually who are facing a housing emergency.

In its thank-you note, Journey Home’s Alison Scharr wrote, “You and your team were fabulous, especially in collecting so many items for the girls! We are so grateful for all of your help and hard work. It was a huge success! The family was amazed at how many volunteers there were and how much you all did for them.”

After seven months without a place to call home, this family is now on a journey to better times ahead.

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Left to right are: Noelle Willette, Wendy Annino, Patti Jatkevicius, Audra Hamel, Hilda Emanuele, Amy Helbling-Crafa, Anne Fenton, and Jessica Metzger.