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OIC Prepares New Londoners for Culinary Jobs (and more)

OIC Prepares New Londoners for Culinary Jobs (and more)

Restaurants are the places we go to have a bite to eat and to socialize with friends and family. But, it’s an entirely different perspective from the other side of the kitchen door. Preparing food safely is a serious business and it takes a professional.

So, let’s seeĀ if you’re ready for a culinary arts job. Do you know:

  • how to prevent hepatitis A
  • if you can re-serve bread not touched by other diners
  • what to do if you cut your finger
  • how long you can keep ready-to-eat food

Most of us don’t know the answers to any of these questions, yet we prepare meals for our families every day. Not so in the restaurant business. You’re required to know dozens of safe-handling food rules before you ever set foot in a commercial kitchen.

That’s where theĀ Opportunities Industrialization Center comes in. For the last 45 years, it hasĀ provided theĀ education, support and placement servicesĀ for those seeking employment in New London County.

Culinary arts is one of their most popular programs (although they also offer training for certified nursing assistants and those seeking manufacturing and construction jobs). Most of their students are in the low-income bracket and are either looking to better their current employment situation, or have struggled to keep jobs in the past.

Before students ever learn how to do battle with E. coli and salmonella, they receive training on how to find and keep a job. They’re schooled in creating a resume, interviewing successfully, providing good customer service, and resolving conflicts. There’s also a refresher course in vocational reading and math.

No matter which career path students choose, they are all trained in CPR. So, not only can culinary students produce a healthy meal for you, they’re also prepared to deliver the Heimlich when a chunk of food goes down the wrong way.

Above, culinary students take online practice exams to prepare for the ServSafe certification.