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To Appreciate Nonprofits’ Work, Seeing is Believing


On Friday, September 21, 2018 the wheels on the bus went ‘round and ‘round carrying town officials, philanthropic funders, and legislative candidates to more than a dozen Windham-based nonprofits. The event, called Thread City: it’s All Connected, gave riders a first-hand view of the life-altering work local nonprofits perform daily to educate, employ, feed, and house those in need.

The event was presented by the Nonprofit Alliance of Northeastern Connecticut, and sponsored by Liberty Bank Foundation and the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy.

Liberty Bank Foundation Executive Director, one of the event’s organizers, said, “We all know that nonprofits provide invaluable services to our communities. But a true understanding of their value comes when people see the depth of the need, learn more about the issues, and meet residents who have been helped.”

The tour also reinforced the idea that Thread City nonprofits don’t work in a vacuum. “They’re all committed to partnering to achieve what each could not do on its own — economic development leading to a more vibrant community for all,” said Murphy.

Thanks to all the agencies that opened their doors and shared their stories.

  • ACCESS Community Action Agency
  • CLiCK
  • Generations
  • GROW Windham
  • Higher Edge
  • Perception Programs
  • The Last Green Valley
  • The Salvation Army
  • United Services
  • Willimantic Whitewater Partnership
  • Windham Area Interfaith Ministry
  • Windham Public Schools Before/After School Programs
  • Windham Region No-Freeze Hospitality Center