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Applying for a Grant

"No strategic plan survives contact with a global pandemic."

That’s true for our foundation—and probably your nonprofit as well.


Our second quarter grant cycle is now closed, and applications are being reviewed.  We expect to open our third and final cycle of 2021 in early July. 

In late June, based on the progress (or, we hope, the decline) of the pandemic, we expect to receive guidance from our board of directors regarding what types of projects we'll be funding during the next cycle.  Please check back here in July for updated information.  If you would like to apply, please give us a call after July 1 to discuss your proposal, and we'll give you some feedback on whether we think it's a good fit. We look forward to hearing from you!


What's Next?

None of us can predict when the pandemic will end (or at least decline) and things will return to some semblance of normal. And the pandemic is only one of the forces driving change in our nation today. The renewed focus on racial justice and structural inequities in our society, combined with the pandemic and its effects, are calling us to build a new "normal."

In September, our board embarked upon a strategic planning process that will determine the Liberty Bank Foundation's future direction. We're looking at how COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter and other forces are revealing new needs and ways of addressing them, and trying to discover our best opportunities to drive positive change. Your input has been important to that process--and we want to thank all of you who responded to our recent survey.

Through these trying times, we've watched how all of our nonprofit partners have been there for our friends and neighbors, executing on your missions and adapting to every new situation that presents itself. We’re ever so grateful…but not so surprised. That’s just how you roll. 

Count on us to keep on rolling with you. Thanks—and stay well!

“Thank you for being so incredibly thoughtful and anticipating our needs! It does not surprise me. This has been such a hard time for the people we serve, and we truly appreciate all that you and Liberty do for communities!!”
– Lee-Ann Gomes, Norwich Human Services