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Education for Economic Success

Learning for earning

Education is the path to success, however you define it.

In our case, we’re looking to enable people to achieve economic success: the ability to earn and manage the financial resources they need to achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential. Here are some examples of programs that fit nicely into this category…
  • Early literacy programs for young children
  • Mentoring and academic tutoring for elementary school children
  • Career and college exploration for teens
  • Youth development programs that build leadership, self-confidence, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and other qualities that support engagement and success in school
  • Youth employment programs
  • Parent leadership and engagement programs
  • Employment skills training
  • Adult literacy education
  • Advocacy that builds support for education programs that lead to economic success
We look hard at grant applications to find the answer to an important question: Will the participants in this program be better off financially in the future as a result of their participation? Do the outcomes of the program lead to better jobs, the ability to build assets, and sustainable income? These are the results we’re looking for.
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