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The numbers, and beyond

To us, a grant is an investment — and the return is positive change in our communities.

Of course, in order to invest in grants, we first needed someone to invest in our foundation: Liberty Bank. In 2014, the bank donated $2.4 million to our endowment, bringing it to a total of about $14 million. That $2.4 million was equal to 7% of the bank’s net income for the year.

Liberty Bank could have chosen to invest that money in a lot of different ways: technology, training, facilities, you name it. But the choice they made was to invest it in the Liberty Bank Foundation — and through us, in our communities. We think that makes a pretty strong statement about the kind of corporate citizen our parent company is. (See why we love working here?)

From the proceeds of our endowment last year, we awarded $716,415 in grants. Here’s how that figure breaks out:

The Return on Investment

Those are the dollar figures — now let’s look at what we helped to support with those dollars, because that’s what really counts.