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Applying for a Grant

Now You Can Apply Online!

No more paper. No more mailing. We’re pleased to announce that Liberty Bank Foundation’s online grant application is officially up and running. We expect you’ll find the application process easy-to-use and time-saving. Check it out!


Read Our Grantmaking Guidelines Below

Find out about funding priorities, eligibility requirements and the application process. If it looks like your program is a good match with our priorities, go to step 2.


Let's Talk

Discuss your proposal with us by calling
(860) 638-2961. If it’s a good fit with our funding priorities, we’ll give the go-ahead to apply and provide guidance on a suitable level of funding.

Do not skip this step — call before you apply!


Get the Link.

Once we’ve given you the green light to apply, we’ll email you a link to our new grant application system.

For Help and to Learn More

Download our printable grant application system User's Guide, read the FAQs below or
feel free to contact one of our staff with an application question.

Application System FAQs Application Completion FAQs

Post-Grant Common Report Form

This is the form you’ll need to submit your post-grant report. It’s due by the date listed on the Grant Acceptance Form you signed when you received the grant (usually the last day of the quarter following the end of your fiscal year). If you’re submitting another grant application before that date, you’ll need to include your post-grant report along with your new grant application. (We can’t review a new grant without a report on the old one.)

“Liberty Bank Foundation is much more than a financial supporter, it’s a true leader in the philanthropy field.
The foundation team gets personally invested in the causes they support. It’s a pleasure to work so closely 
with the foundation arm of what truly is an outstanding corporate citizen in our state, Liberty Bank. 
We appreciate their support of our organization and of so many community initiatives.”
— Jeff Pugliese, Vice President, Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce
If you have any other questions about our grant application or the process we use to review grant requests, please don’t hesitate to call us!

Sue Murphy, Executive Director, (860) 638-2959
Toral Maher, Senior Program Officer, (860) 638-2961