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Quality programming.

Usually we rely on our nonprofit friends to run programs … but now and then we come up with a good idea and run with it ourselves.

Here’s a power team for you: Liberty Bank, the Liberty Bank Foundation, and 40 Rotary Clubs! The goal: to make sure that everyone in our communities sits down to a bountiful feast on Thanksgiving Day.

Each year on the Tuesday after Columbus Day, our Liberty branches and Rotary partners start raising money for Thanksgiving food. Right before turkey day, the foundation kicks in an additional 25 cents for every dollar raised — plus, new this year, we’ll be offering bonus dollars to Rotaries meeting certain incentives! Then our Rotary friends distribute the funds to local agencies that provide food for Thanksgiving to families in their towns.

In 2017, the drive raised $356,372 (including more than $70,000 in matching dollars from Liberty Bank Foundation. Since 2004, we’ve raised over $2 million to feed our neighbors on Thanksgiving. Read the 2017 press release. See the 2017 photos.

Donald B. Wilbur Scholarship
Named in honor of a former chairman of Liberty Bank, this $1,000, one-time scholarship is awarded annually to a high school graduate with financial need who is planning to major in engineering or a technology-related field. Learn about the 2018 recipient. For more information, call (860) 638-2961. Click HERE for a copy of the application and guidelines.
Community College Scholarships
Students graduating from high schools within Liberty's service area and planning to attend their local community college can apply at the college financial aid office for the Liberty Bank Foundation Scholarships. The following colleges participate in the program: Scholarships are $1,000 per year for two years, provided that the student earns a GPA of at least 2.5 and takes a full courseload during his/her first year. For more information on eligibility, click here.
Adult Education Scholarships
Each year, we grant $2,000 to every adult high school credit diploma program within Liberty Bank's service area, for the purpose of awarding scholarships to graduates of these programs who plan to go on to higher education. These scholarships can be used not only for traditional college expenses like tuition or books, but also for costs that non-traditional students may need to pay in order to attend college — like transportation or child care. Scholarship recipients are determined by the adult education programs. Here’s a list of them:
Liberty Bank’s Giving Circle operates on a simple principle: leveraging the good fortune of people who are buying homes for the benefit of people who have no homes. During the months of April and May, the bank sets aside $100 for each mortgage application it receives. These funds are then distributed to nonprofit organizations that provide emergency and transitional shelter to homeless individuals and families throughout our service area. In its 21-year history, the Giving Circle has awarded over $435,000 in grants to support this mission. Read about the 2015 Giving Circle donations.

Named for a beloved founding director of the Liberty Bank Foundation and past chairman of Liberty Bank, this award honors someone from our service area who has distinguished him/herself as a champion of the cause of diversity. Click here to learn more about the award and the past recipients — they’re an amazing bunch!

This year we will be honoring outgoing Liberty Bank President & CEO Chandler J. Howard for his 40 years of service, dedicated to making sure everyone in the community is valued and everyone’s voice is heard.

“What makes the Liberty Bank Foundation so unique is that they do not set themselves above 
the community but, instead, they immerse themselves into the community. At our soup kitchen, 
Foundation leaders can even be found washing the dishes! They make the personal effort and 
commitment to 'get' what we do and why it’s important on all levels, from the bottom to the top.” 
– Lydia Brewster, Director of Community Services, St. Vincent DePaul Middletown