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A Quarter Century of Mentoring


Liberty Bank volunteers just completed 25 years of mentoring in the Middletown School System. The Hal Kaplan Middletown Mentor Program is friendship-based, not tutorial, and allows mentors and mentees to eat together and play games in school cafeterias once a week.

Michele Mazzotta, Liberty Bank Vice President, and one of the program’s organizers says that eight bank employees were first matched with Middletown elementary students in 1992. Today, she says, “The program and its mentors are making a great difference in the lives of many children in need of a friend.”

An end-of-year picnic outing (held this year on May 19) brings the entire group together for one last play date before the mentees head off to summer vacation. In addition to the mentors and mentees, a large contingent of Liberty Bankers volunteer to serve food and organize games at the event.

Many mentors have followed their students from school to school, right up to graduation from high school. And, they’ll be back on the scene next September when students return to classes.