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If you can count, you can help address homelessness.

If you can count, you can help address homelessness.

The federal government requires an annual count of homeless people on a specific day. In 2019, the count takes place on Wednesday, January 23.

Homeless people may be staying in shelter, or living outside. That’s why lots of volunteers are needed to help reach and count them all.

Your participation in the count can help address homelessness. How? It allows government at all levels to understand the magnitude of the problem, and to plan and fund needed services.

The count does another great thing – it brings attention to the issue of homelessness. The better the public and legislators understand the problem, the more likely they will be to support safe, affordable shelter for everyone.

One emerging trend is the growing population of unaccompanied youth – those age 24 and under who are not connected with any family. Their difficulties and needs can be significantly different from adult homeless and we can only help them if we can count them.

The good news in Connecticut is that the state has made enormous strides reconnecting people with housing and our overall homeless numbers are declining. The not-so-good news is that homelessness will never be entirely eradicated; there will always be those who lose their housing and need help.

If you would like to take part in this year’s count, or have questions, please read the attached flyer and use the contact info included.

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