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Thanksgiving Drive Breaks Record – Again


The 2016 Liberty Bank/Rotary Club Thanksgiving Drive is bringing on the turkey in a big way! ¬†Our 40 Rotary Club partners and 55 branches raised a total of over $225,400, which was matched with more than $53,300 from the Liberty Bank Foundation–for a grand total of (drumroll, please!): ¬†$281,808. ¬†

Let’s put that into context. ¬†An annual survey by the American Farm Bureau says the average cost of a Thanksgiving meal nationwide is $4.99. ¬†That means that 56,475 of our neighbors will be able to sit down to a proper Thanksgiving feast this Thursday. ¬†And over the 13 years we’ve been operating the drive, we’ve raised almost $1.7 million for Thanksgiving food.

Here at the foundation, we have a lot to be grateful for this holiday–especially the hard work and generosity of our Rotary partners, our fellow Liberty Bankers, and our customers and neighbors throughout our service area. ¬†Your commitment and support inspire us every day. ¬†Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

You can find more highlights of the drive by visiting this link:  Read more  or click here to review our newsletter

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