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Why Work if Your Whole Paycheck Goes to Childcare?

Why Work if Your Whole Paycheck Goes to Childcare?

That’s just one indicator of an overall childcare system that’s fraught with problems. And a very real issue raised by a mom of three at a forum on childcare held at the state capitol.

The occasion was a visit from Shannon Christian, director of the Office of Child Care in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. She was on a 10-city listening tour, with Connecticut as her first sop.

The mom related that after her third child was born, it no longer made economic sense for her to put her children in daycare and resume her career. “Child care is just not affordable with three small kids,” she said. “It just would have been me going to work to pay for child care.”

Sue Murphy, executive director of the Liberty Bank Foundation, said that employers have to be part of the solution. “I think employers who are really focused on the success of their companies need to be focused on the success of their employees and their ability to take care not just of their job, but their whole life,” she said.

Christian heard from parents, providers, and advocates, all voicing concerns, such as: unaffordability of care; low teacher pay; difficulty in recruiting teachers; and job loss due to childcare emergencies.

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