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Pledge to Vote for Kids

Pledge to Vote for Kids

The CT Early Childhood Alliance’s nonpartisan campaign, “We Vote for Kids” to raise awareness about early-childhood issues, is off and running! If you want to see all Connecticut’s children get the support they need during the most critical developmental years (ages 0 to 5), take part!

  • Understand the issues that affect the quality and availability of education for the state’s youngest children.
  • Find out who’s running in your local area and their willingness to take action to support early childhood education.
  • Pledge to vote with kids in mind by registering with the Alliance.
  • Register to vote in the 2018 election.
  • Recruit others to vote for candidates that care about children’s issues.

The Alliance will be asking CT candidates where they stand on early childhood issues through a questionnaire. Look for more information here about their responses.