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All-Time Champs


The 2019 Rotary / Liberty Bank Thanksgiving Dinner Drive certainly brought out plenty of local competitors, with leading towns clocking in with $59,000, $49,000, $38,000 raised, for example. But the all-time champ designation goes to Southington, collecting $131,539 for the cause. After the Liberty Bank Foundation match, Southington Rotary had $164,424 to distribute among local food programs. Groups that worked so hard to bring in this monumental total are:

  • Bread for Life
  • Calvanese Foundation
  • Friends of Southington Community Services
  • The Italian Festival Committee
  • The Lion’s Club of Southington
  • Living in Safe Alternatives Inc.
  • Margaret Griffin Child Care Center
  • Smokin with Chris
  • Southington Community Services – Salvation Army
  • Southington Liberty Bank
  • Southington Rotary Club
  • Unico Club of Southington
  • United Way of Southington

Liberty Bank branch manager Rob Flood reports, “This year’s Southington Rotary/Liberty Bank Thanksgiving Dinner Drive has been a truly community-wide fundraising event for those organizations that directly provide food to children, families, homeless, elderly, disabled, and others in need both short and long term. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this opportunity to serve those in need.” As for the recipients, Rob adds, “They all send their sincere thanks to Liberty Bank Foundation for how this will impact their individual agencies.”

Photo: (l to r): First row: Jennifer Dutkiewicz, Ed Ebert, Shirley Williams, Mike Fasulo, and David Zoni. Second row: Donna Ayer, Missy Cipriano, Linda Mendelson, Nancy Sylvester, Krista Pisano, Joanne Alfieri, and Robin Taillie. Third row: Rob Flood, Jack Eisenmann, Kim Selvaggi, and Janet Mellon.

Enjoy the parade of photos submitted by many other of our Rotary partners.

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