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Big Boxes of Caring


For nearly a decade, the Middletown community has come together to put a Thanksgiving turkey on every plate in town that would otherwise be bare. This year, 300 volunteers worked over three days to set up boxes and then load them with: a frozen turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green beans, corn, cranberry sauce, potatoes, apples, onions, a fresh pie, rolls and butter. Underneath all this bounty is the great, big unspoken message that Middletown truly cares for its less fortunate residents.

Loading the boxes all happens at the Fellowship Church, under the capable leadership of Lara StantaMaria. Of course, even before boxes are filled, a steering committee has swung into action in September to register families seeking a Thanksgiving dinner, line up refrigerated trucks (that can hold the produce and turkeys until boxing day), and reach out to local grocers, farms, and food distributors to gather enough to deliver a real Thanksgiving feast.

On the Friday, Monday and Tuesday leading up to ‘the big day,’ caring hands from all across the community bring it all together. Many have been involved for years and look forward to the personal fulfillment derived from being involved. Those same hands home deliver to about 100 families that cannot get out. The majority of boxes are handed off to recipients who come to the Fellowship ‘drive through’ to pick up them on Tuesday afternoon.

Thanks for caring, Middletown!