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Bulk of Q1 Grantmaking Supports Education

Bulk of Q1 Grantmaking Supports Education

The Foundation’s grantmaking for the first quarter of 2017 totaled $138,637, with over 70 percent of that funding dedicated to vital supportĀ for our focus area of education that leads to economic success.

Kids of all ages and backgrounds benefit from the programs we supported this grant cycle — for example: preschoolers preparing for a successful school experience; grade-schoolers learning English as a second language; middle school students and teens entering the working world and exploring career options; and youth who are about to age out of the DCF system.

Through these programs kids build confidence, form new relationships, and are exposed to a wider world of ideas and opportunities. Without the many caring nonprofits that deliver these services, kids in our service area would miss out on the guidanceĀ that will make them economically successful adults.

How important is the work of the groups we support? Recent scientific research has proven that during the first three years of a child’s life, essential brain and neural development occurs. WithoutĀ the leg up of pre-K learning, children can begin kindergarten already lagging behind their peers. This can have a lasting effect throughout school years and even into adult life.

A total of 28 grants were approved for this quarter, including three grants for affordable housing development and five to support food, emergency shelter, and supportive housing programs. Ā View the complete list here.

The value of early childhood education

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