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Closing in on the $1 Million Mark

Closing in on the $1 Million Mark

We just closed our 21st year of giving on a high note, with $906,494 in total grants in 2018. It’s a new record for us.

Over the years we have refined our priorities to education for economic success, food, housing and homelessness, and nonprofit capacity building. At the same time we’ve vastly increased our reach, with grants now helping residents in six of the state’s eight counties.

The bulk of our funding, by a wide margin, goes to education. Its support that can reach the widest number of people and which ultimately can reduce the need for food assistance and housing for the homeless.

Some programs, like early childhood education, help toddlers during the critical years of brain development. After-school programs can help with practical things, like homework completion, while others can introduce children to things they might not otherwise be exposed to, like technology, art, animals. We also support adult literacy, job training, and parental advocacy programs.

In the end and no matter where or at what age we reach people, we believe all this knowledge can help residents move towards more secure, self-sufficient, and fulfilling lives.

Here’s how are 2018 giving breaks down:

By Region

  • $229,344              Marketwide
  • $147,650              Greater New Haven
  • $134,200              Middlesex County
  • $114,000              Hartford County
  • $109,500              Greater New London
  • $110,500              Norwich Willimantic
  • $61,300                Naugatuck Valley

By Budget Line

  • $409,150              Education for Economic Success
  • $159,844              Food
  • $142,000              Housing and Homelessness
  • $92,000                United Way
  • $81,000                Scholarships
  • $22,500                Nonprofit Capacity Building