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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

One in eight Connecticut adults and one in six children – over 500,000 people — are hungry (according to Liberty Bank Foundation grantee the CT Food Bank). Unfortunately, this may be new news to many state residents who are not affected by a lack of food. And if you use state per capita income as a measure, it’s easy to see why food insecurity is not on the average citizen’s radar. As of 2017, Connecticut had the highest per capita income of all states by a wide margin.

County-by-county lack of food affects between 10 to 13 percent of the population, and trickles down to every town. For those residing in some of the state’s wealthier towns, it may not be apparent, but they have neighbors who are struggling to keep food on the table.

A 2014 Hunger In America study surveyed food pantry and soup kitchen clients in Connecticut and revealed that in the previous 12 months:

  • 73% had to choose between [paying for] food or utilities
  • 63% had to choose between food or rent
  • 68% had to choose between food or medical care

Nonprofit Feeding America notes, “There’s a lot of folks who don’t know about hunger in America. And knowing is the first step towards doing [something about it].” It acknowledges that starting conversations about the problem of hunger are not always easy. So, it’s produced a colorful conversation starter for posting on home refrigerators. check it out.