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Got Peanut Butter? Master’s Manna Could Use Some.


The shelves are well-stocked, the freezers are full of meat, produce abounds, and something’s cooking in the kitchen … except … the food pantry’s out of that dietary mainstay, peanut butter. It’s in constant demand at Master’s Manna and rightly so. Who hasn’t eaten hundreds of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches over a lifetime?

So, got peanut butter? They need it.

Master’s Manna food pantry and soup kitchen has been serving the hungry in the greater Wallingford area since 2007 and has just moved to new quarters at 428 South Cherry St., Wallingford. Last year, it served up 332 tons of food (at no cost) to families who just couldn’t make ends meet.

It’s hard for people to ask for help. Sometimes they come and sit in the parking lot a few times before actually going in. Sometimes feelings are running high and there are tears shed. The staff understands and tries to make everyone’s experience as personal and compassionate as possible.

Food pantry clients can select the food their families like. Clothing and housewares are available, too. On cold days, clients can stay on in the dining room to keep warm. Clothes can be laundered, and pretty soon visitors will also be able to shower at the location. Let’s not forget the kitchen — it’s one most restaurants would envy.

This is all made possible by a one-hundred-percent-committed board of directors, 21,000-plus volunteer hours, and grants from funders like Liberty Bank Foundation.

If you’re looking for a truly inspiring place to volunteer, consider Master’s Manna. (Just bring a couple of jars of peanut butter, okay?) And if you’re seeking food, just know that you will be in good hands.