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Impressive – Capital Community College Ranks in Top 10

Impressive – Capital Community College Ranks in Top 10

Liberty Bank Foundation proudly funds scholarships at Capital Community College and is thrilled to see that in 2017 it ranked among the top 10 of all US two-year colleges for adult learners!

Until 2016, four-year colleges and universities, which cater to students who go directly from high school to higher education, were the only ones considered in the best-of rankings. That changed in 2016, when Washington Monthly magazine decided to focus on two-year colleges primarily educating adults.

The magazine notes, “Colleges that cater to adult students, the kind with jobs and families, aren’t given much attention or credit.” Yet, it points out that today roughly 40 percent of all college students are adults (defined as twenty-five years old or older). Just like their younger peers, they also need diplomas to get ahead.

Why are so many adults turning to the two-year option? The magazine suggests that rampant income inequality and stagnant wages place four-year schools out of reach. Not only that, four-year schools do not do enough to make their programs accessible in the evenings and on weekends.

Washington Monthly took data from two federal government sources as well as the College Board’s Annual Survey of Colleges and combined them into general measures: ease of transfer, flexibility of programs, services for adult students, tuition and fees, mean earnings 10 years after college entry, and loan repayment.

The magazine calls schools like Capital Community College “the workhorses of higher education,” citing them as an ideal option for the “nearly half of all American college students [whose] path is different, and tougher.”

Way to go Capital Community College. Thanks for setting the standard.