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Life Is Coming Up Roses for Rosa

Life Is Coming Up Roses for Rosa

We ask all of our grantees for a human interest story that illustrates the value of their work. New Britain’s Building Hope Together helps people find work and avoid homelessness. A tall order. But, what you may not realize is that a small payment can make a huge difference for someone seeking to improve their overall quality of life. Here is Rosa’s story:

“Rosa* worked at a fast food restaurant. To get to her job, she had to take the bus and walk. In order not to be late, she had to take a bus that got her to work 40 minutes earlier than the start of her shift.

Rosa knew it would be easier for her if she had a car. Her cousin had an older one that he was willing to give her, but first she had to learn to drive. Rosa earned minimum wage. The cost of driving instruction, the mandatory drug and alcohol education class, driving lessons, permit and driving test fees and the cost of the license itself were prohibitive for her.

The Path to Employment Program paid for the mandatory class, driving lessons, permit and test fees, and ultimately when she passed the road test, for her driver’s license. When Rosa passed the test and got her license, she called to thank Building Hope Together. She was so excited. She said she was happy she’d learned how to drive, proud of herself for having a goal and sticking with it and that since she can now drive to her job, she can take extra shifts or stay late when asked and earn more.

Rosa called again about two months later to tell me that she’d gotten a better job working at a retail store. She said she got the job because she could now drive and was able to get work farther from home.”

So glad to hear life is coming up roses for you, Rosa!

*Not her real name.