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When Going Out of Business is a Good Thing.

When Going Out of Business is a Good Thing.

Not many can claim success when they go out of business, but it’s certainly true for a homeless shelter.

Longtime Liberty Bank Foundation partner, Always Home of Mystic, has good reason to celebrate. This past year, it helped 231 families going through a housing crisis and, miraculously, prevented 98.7% of them from entering an emergency shelter!

How does Always Home do it? By helping solve a financial problem that, if unmet, would jeopardize a family’s ability to stay in their home … such as past due rent, legal fees, or utility arrearages.

In fact, this approach to solving a problem before it turns into a catastrophe has proven not just successful but cost effective, too. Sometimes a few hundred dollars is all it takes to help a family get back on track.

In the past year, only one family served by Always Home entered the shelter (for a total of 19 days) and two others resided in hotels for a short period.

We know that homelessness can never be eradicated, but we salute Always Home’s stellar success at ‘heading it off at the pass.’ Our hope for the future is that where homelessness can’t be prevented, that it be rare, brief, and a one-time experience.