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CT Receives $6.5 Million to Address Youth Homelessness

CT Receives $6.5 Million to Address Youth Homelessness

US Senator Chris Murphy recently held a round table discussion with local agencies tackling youth homelessness at The Connection in Middletown. He spoke about how federal funds will be used to address the growing concern of youth homelessness in our state.

Connecticut was the recipient of $6.5 million in federal grant funding for new youth homelessness programs, thanks to Senator Murphy’s efforts.

Senator Murphy opened the discussion by saying, “When dollars are sent to Connecticut, they know that the dollars will be used wisely. The real success is not what is done in six months, it is what we do to address youth homelessness in six years that matters.”

Funding will be used to create new programs for homeless individuals and families, ages 24 and under, including:

  • Crisis Housing Beds — for youth who need immediate access to shelter
  • Youth Navigators — who will connect youth to housing assistance and community-based services, and aid them in navigating the resources offered
  • Diversion/Rapid Exit Funds — for homeless youth who only require minimal financial assistance to end an episode of homelessness
  • Rapid Rehousing — for youth who are unable to resolve homelessness without ongoing financial assistance and support services
  • Research — targeted towards understanding the unique issues around youth homelessness, how to positively address those issues, and ultimately ending youth homelessness

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Left to right: Lisa DeMatteis-Lepore, CEO, The Connection; US Senator Chris Murphy; Mary Ann Haley, deputy director, Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness; and Steve Dilella, director, CT Department of Housing.